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Mountain Biking & Climbing in Hintertux-Zillertal

Active Summer: Mountain Sports all around the Neuhintertux Hotel

Mountain biking in Zillertal and Climbing in Hintertux are great alternatives to hiking. In the Neuhintertux Hotel bike rental and sports shop, you will find everything you need for your favourite summer sport in Tuxertal. And, best of all: you can start your mountain bike tours right in front of the Hotel in Hintertux!

It is easy to find opportunities for sports activities in Tuxertal and Zillertal. Pleasant cycling paths, varied mountain bike routes and sporty single trails delight all bike enthusiasts. Climbers will find countless indoor and outdoor possibilities to experience the mountains in Zillertal in the vertical. You can find the most important tips and information here!

Cycling and (E-)Mountain Biking in Tuxertal and Zillertal

In Zillertal, more than 80 km of bike and cycling paths invite you to jump on your bike. If you prefer it a bit more comfortable, you can always use an E-bike or if you like breaking a sweat, just use an ordinary mountain bike. In addition to pleasant valley cycling routes, you can also find enticing and sensational mountain bike trails. Freeriders will feel at home on the challenging single trails – and a “hell ride” will surely provide you with lots of adrenaline.

Mountain Bike-Tours around the Neuhintertux Gletscher Hotel & Spa

Here, you’ll find three routes for mountain biking in Tuxertal which you can take directly in front of the Neuhintertux Hotel.

  • MTB tour Hintertux-Bichlalm-Tuxerjoch
    Moderately difficult – admittedly steep – tour to Tuxerjoch starts directly in Hintertux.
    Cycling time 1.5 hours
    Length 9.1 km (asphalt 8.3 km, gravel 0.8 km)
    850 metres in altitude, maximum altitude 2,310 m
  •  MTB tour in Tux: Wanglalm-Penkerjoch
    Moderately difficult tour from Tux, 4.7 km from Hintertux on the Tuxer Straße to the starting point.
    Cycling time without access 1 ¾ hours
    Length 10.1 km (asphalt 2.7 km, gravel 7.4 km)
    985 metres in altitude, maximum altitude 2,120 m
  • MTB tour Tux-Vorderlanersbach-Geiselhöfe-Geiseljoch
    Moderately difficult tour with single trail passage, 4.7 km from Hintertux on Tuxer Straße to the start.
    Cycling time without access 2 hours
    Length 12.3 km (asphalt 5.7 km, gravel 6 km, single trail 0.6 km)
    1,060 metres in altitude, maximum altitude 2,290 m
  • Five more mountain bike tours from Finkenberg
    Level of difficulty: easy to difficult

Single Trails in Tuxertal: Pure Adrenalin for Freeriders

Two really strong single trails await you on the Penken, the mountain between Tux and Finkenberg. The “hell ride” and “heaven ride” down-hill trails hold what their names promise: Challenging north-shore obstacles featuring jumps, banked curves and wave lines, will make your bike glow. Less experienced freeriders can bypass the obstacles on the “chickenway”. The ascent is also possible by chair lift.

Bike Rental for Your Bicycle and (E-)Mountain Bike Tours in Hintertux

The Neuhintertux Sports Hotel has its own sports and bike rental shop. Here you can rent bicycles, mountain bikes and E-bikes and bike helmets for big & small, as well as rent fashionable sports equipment of renowned manufacturers. As a guest in our house, you will receive a bonus of 10 percent on all purchases!

Climbing in Hintertux and Zillertal

Impressive cliffs and peaks obviously make climbing and mountaineering in Tuxertal and Zillertal one of the most popular sports. Fixed rope routes for beginners and expert climbers, the Spannagel climbing area with a climbing garden and numerous climbing routes from easy to extremely difficult, boasts fixed rope routes for beginners, as well as ambitious sports climbers giving you the opportunity to experience the unique climbing sensation at first hand.

Fixed Rope Route and Climbing Tour – What Is the Difference?

Fixed rope routes are areas in the rock which are secured by steel ropes and iron hooks. The steel rope is intended for self-securing with special equipment. These “iron trails” can partly be tackled by beginners and sportspersons with little climbing experience. However, climbing gear and a head for heights are indispensable requirements.

Which Climbing Equipment Do I Need for a Fixed Rope Route?

You absolutely need:

•    Climbing harness
•    Fixed rope route climbing set with two carabiners
•    Climbing helmet
•    Climbing shoes or good, solid shoes
•    Tight functional clothing

Climbing in Hintertux: Fixed Rope Routes & Climbing Garden in the Vicinity of Your Hotel

  • Spannagel-Hintertux fixed rope route
    The 200 m long, moderately steep fixed rope route is equipped with a steel rope for safety.
  • Spannagel climbing garden
    Near the Spannagel fixed rope tour, you can experience the versatile climbing garden with numerous routes from the second to the seventh difficulty level.
    Please call +43 (0) 5287/8506 for further information.
  • Knorren/Penken-Finkenberg fixed rope route
    This fixed rope route is suitable for beginners. You can access the entrance via a ladder and a few steeper passages can be easily mastered by means of the running steel rope.

Climbing in Hintertux and Zillertal – for Advanced Climbers & Pros

In order to cope with the challenging climbing tours in Tuxertal and Zillertal, stamina, mountain experience and mental strength are needed. We recommend tackling the climbing tours with an experienced mountain guide.

The sports shop at the Neuhintertux Hotel has a great selection of climbing equipment you might need.

Conquer the mountains around Hintertux by mountain bike or climbing: Please send us your non-binding holiday request now!


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