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Hintertux Glacier: A Year-Round Experience

Sporty, Mysterious, Playful: the Tux Glacier in Tyrol

No matter what time of day or which season you visit, it is always an impressive experience: the Hintertux Glacier. We have collected astonishing facts and things worth knowing about the ice giant and gathered the best tips to explore the cold beauty.

Glaciers are mysterious, they flow, crack and crunch and some even calve. Seemingly rigid, the ice is slowly but steadily moving. It tells the history of the climate from thousands of years and reacts sensitively to temperature changes. Get to know the Hintertux Glacier – this fascinating creature – during your holiday!


Hintertux Glacier – Ancient Natural Monument in the Alps   

Among the glaciers in the Alps, the Hintertux Glacier is unique. In Austria, only five glaciers can be skied upon – the Hintertux Glacier is the only one which you can visit 365 days per year. That is surely reason enough to pay its majesty a visit whether on skis or in hiking boots.

The “Eternal Ice” of the Tux Glacier: The Giant in Numbers

When the Rettenbachferner Glacier released the glacier mummy “Ötzi” in the Ötztal, the unbelievable age of the glaciers came back to mind. At its deepest point, the Hintertux Glacier is 120 m deep and hence many thousands of years old. Its length measures 4 km which can, however, vary by up to 40 m during the year. 190 million cubic metres of ice are constantly on the move!

Ferner, Kees, Gletscher – Three Different Regional Names for the “Eternal Ice”

The so-called Hintertux Glacier is composed of the “Kees” frozen wall (also called Tux Ferner), as well as the neighbouring “Riepenkees”. The highest part of the year-round glacier ski area is on the saddle between the frozen wall peaks and lies 3,250 m above sea level.

Ascent to the Hintertux Glacier: the Glacier Lifts

The Hintertux Glacier like the entire Zillertal has been gradually touristically developed since the 1950s. Nowadays, the three Gletscherbusse cable cars take you up to the white giant. Each Gletscherbus has one gondola which transports 24 persons on two steel cables up to the glacier.

A Journey through the Climate Zones of the Earth: Journey to the “Eternal Ice”
When ascending, you start at approx. 1,500 m. Once you have reached the top, a sea of three-thousanders displays itself before your eyes which you can admire from the panoramic terrace at 3,250 m above sea level. During your upward journey, you pass all climate zones of the earth in quick motion. Take your time to take a really good look!

Barrier-Free Access to the Panorama Terrace at 3,250 m
This is really unique: The highest cable car in the world even takes strollers or wheelchairs into the realm of the Hintertux Glacier! Take a good view through the Viscope-telescopes on the panoramic terrace which will by themselves explain the surrounding mountain world to you.

World of Adventure for Big & Small on the Hintertux Glacier

Children up to the age of 10 years can use the glacier cable cars to get to 3,250 m above sea level free of charge. Once they have reached the top, they can expect lots of fun in the Gletscherflohpark: tubing runs and snow tyre carousels trigger lots of laughter and many a snowball will find its target. In the Sommerberg Flohpark, a climbing wall, pedal go-karts and bouncy castles invite the youngest guests

Guided Glacier Hikes with a Guide

Start your guided hiking tour at the Tux Fernerhaus and walk along mysterious, bright blue ice crevasses and glacial babbling brooks. An experienced glacier guide will teach you about the evolution and principles of the Hintertux Glacier.

  • Glacier hiking tour from July until September from the Tux Fernerhaus
  • Mon, Wed, Fri, respectively at 11:00 and at 13:00 o’clock
  • Duration approx. 1 hour
  • Against payment
  • Important: Please wear good mountain boots and take sunglasses, a jacket and cap with you!

Excursion Highlights at the Hintertux Glacier

  • Natural Ice Palace at the Hintertux Glacier
    Guided tours:
    - Standard tour: 45 to 60 minutes (children from 6 years
    - Scientific adventure tour: 2 hours

    - Guided tours for children from 10 participants (subject to prior reservation)
    Please click here for further information!
  • Spannagelhöhle at the Hintertux Glacier
    Dry cave with a length of 12.5 km
    Guided tours from mid-June to late September
    - Tour with a guide approx. 60 minutes
    - Suitable for children
    - Cave trekking 2.5 to 3 hours, subject to prior reservation
    Read all details now!

Let’s roll: Discover the Hintertux Glacier from the inside and outside. Please send us your non-binding holiday request right away!


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