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Spa and Wellness Hotel in Zillertal

Neuhintertux Hotel: Therapies for Maintaining Health, Prophylaxis and Cure

Prolonged sitting periods, malpositions and poor posture, as well as the natural aging process of the body can impair mobility and cause pain. Prevent health problems with the spa and wellness treatments at the Hotel in Zillertal and effectively alleviate already existing medical conditions.

Physiotherapy, magnet field therapies and massages help your body to mitigate restricted mobility, and to ensure that the entire body performs at full capacity. All wellness and spa services are overseen by qualified, certified therapists.


Get Moving with Physiotherapy

Learn how to prevent dysfunctions of the musculoskeletal system, permanently maintain your health and improve or restore natural movement. Optimal mobility and absence of pain is the goal of physiotherapeutic treatments.

Physiotherapy at the Neuhintertux Hotel:

Magnet Field Therapy: Active Stimulation of Blood Circulation

The magnet field therapy supports the self-healing powers of the body without causing any adverse reactions. It can be used at any age for prevention, health maintenance, as well as to increase performance. The improved blood circulation activates the cells, binds more oxygen and thus stimulates the metabolism.

Magnetic field therapy at the Neuhintertux Gletscher Hotel & Spa

Massages, Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping and More

Massages help to relax the tissue, to detoxify and thus alleviate pain. Lymphatic drainage causes the lymph fluid to flow and release blockages. Wellness treatments aim for total holistic relaxation of body, mind and soul.

Leave yourself to the professional hands of experienced therapists at the Spa and Wellness Hotel in Zillertal and benefit from the “fountain of youth” for your wellbeing. Best, just send us your non-binding holiday request right away!


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