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Wellness at the Hintertux Glacier in Tyrol

Wellness Oasis with Panoramic Indoor Swimming Pool, Whirlpool and Saunas

Water and warmth are the ingredients for Wellness at the Hintertux Glacier. Take a look at the wellness oasis at the Neuhintertux Gletscher 4-star Hotel & Spa and discover the swimming pool with its fascinating view onto the mountains, the varied saunas and the outdoor whirlpool.

Just put your feet up and take a relaxed view on things. Submerge in the pleasantly warm water, strip off day-to-day stress and forget the time. Float in the water, let the whirlpool “bubble” you through and just be. Welcome to our wellness oasis, 1,500 m above the daily grind.


Swimming Pool and Whirlpool: Water-Wellness at the Hintertux Glacier

The Hintertux Glacier is a true water-REALM. It stores millions of cubic metres of water and flows without us even noticing it. Water is the mountain’s elixir of life and a blessing for all who seek recreation, relaxation and new freshness. Therefore, we have given water a lot of space at our Neuhintertux Gletscher Hotel & Spa.

Panoramic Indoor swimming pool at the Neuhintertux 4-Star Hotel

  • 65 m2 expanse of water
  • Waterfall, underwater jets, counter current system and massage jets
  • Large panoramic window
  • Vitamin bar with juices, tea, water and apples
  • Relaxation loungers
  • Sunny, open-air terrace

Water Terrace: Our Fresh-Air Whirlpool

Enjoy the view onto the mountains of Tux, while comfortably floating in the warm water or relaxing in the bubbles. You can access the outdoor whirlpool through the panoramic indoor swimming pool.

Sauna Landscape: Five Saunas and an Ice Fountain

When it comes to saunas, heat and cold are two soothing siblings. Our five saunas make you sweat insistently with their different high temperatures – brine and mountain crystal additionally contribute to a sense of perfect wellbeing, while heated water beds and the magnificent view onto the Hintertux Glacier invite you to dream!


Salt Grotto: Wellness at the Hintertux Glacier with the Power of Salt

The salt grotto does not only pamper you with salt dissolved in the air, but also with essential eucalyptus and mint extracts: a sheer blessing for the lungs and bronchi. You should stay in the salt grotto for 15 to 20 minutes in order to achieve the best result possible.


Laconium and Tepidarium (changes daily)

Already back in ancient times, the effect of different temperatures was well-known and very much appreciated. By means of pure radiant heat, the laconium triggers detoxification and purification. The stone benches of the tepidarium have a temperature of 39 °C, producing an artificial fever and thus activating the immune system. These sauna forms are ideal for people, for whom the Finnish sauna is too hot. The recommended duration of stay is unlimited.


Sweat Room – Finnish Sauna

With a temperature of 92 °C, the sweat room is the “burner” among the saunas at the Neuhintertux Hotel. You should stay in the sweat room for 10 to 15 minutes, enjoy an aroma infusion and alternate your sauna sessions with cooling-off and relaxation phases in order to achieve the optimum effect.

Mountain Crystal Grotto: A Natural Gift for the Circulatory and Nervous System

Of old, the mountain crystal is said to have healing effects. It has preventive, purifying and healing effects on the blood and coronary vessels. It stabilizes the blood pressure, circulatory and nervous system. In the mountain crystal grotto, you can enjoy the pleasant radiant heat and vapours with natural aromas. The length of stay should be about 15 minutes.


Infrared Sauna: Healing Solar Heat for the Body

Infrared radiation produces a deep heat that promotes blood circulation, supplies the brain with more oxygen and results in a significant alleviation of pain throughout the whole body. The immune system is strengthened, stress and calories are reduced. Furthermore, the heat’s effect is reinforced by the colour light system which positively influences the mood. Duration of stay: unlimited, depending on the feeling of wellbeing.

The Ice Fountain: Invigorating, Thrilling Freshness after the Sauna

After using the sauna, cooling off is highly recommended. Through the heat-cold-change, all blood vessels are stimulated and elasticity is increased. In addition, a pleasant relaxation sets in after the refreshing cold shock. Generously rub your body with the ice from our ice fountain!

Wellness at the Hintertux Glacier at the Neuhintertux Hotel truly is an easy job: Enjoy the pleasant anticipation of swimming pool and sauna fun and send us your non-binding holiday request now!


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