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Climate protection at Hotel Neuhintertux

by Hotel Neuhintertux

Climate protection at Hotel Neuhintertux

An intact environment is as necessary for all of us as our daily air to breathe. That is why climate protection is a major issue that must not be neglected.

The proportion of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere rose from 280 ppm to over 413 ppm (parts per million) between the beginning of industrialisation and the beginning of 2020. One thing's for certain - carbon dioxide is the most important greenhouse gas for which humans are partly responsible. That's why we've decided to start retrofitting energy systems as early as 2014 with the environmental credit from Hogast and the Siemens savings guarantee in line with its "Performance Contracting Model"**. Since then, the new energy-saving measures have enabled us to reduce our carbon dioxide emissions by more than 500 metric tons per year and, of course, to cut our energy costs dramatically.

An overview of our energy-saving measures at the Hotel Neuhintertux:

  • Construction of a natural gas-fired condensing cascade with modulating burners
  • Renovation of the chimney
  • Renewal of the heating distributor in the old building
  • Installation of highly efficient circulating pumps and Siemens combination valves
  • Renewal of the service hot water supply in the old building
  • Feeding waste heat from the newly installed commercial refrigeration system into the heating buffer
  • Water-saving shower heads with negative pressure technology in all guest rooms
  • Optimisation of ventilation systems with regard to heat recovery

Of course, we are also committed to climate protection and sustainability above that. In the Hotel Neuhintertux we have chosen to clean sustainably with the ecologically certified products of Diversey and are proud to carry the eco-certificate. In addition, we avoid plastic as far as possible and use regional products from our long-standing partners in the hotel.

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