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Hiking tips for mountain lovers

Kategorie: Sport & active

by Hotel Neuhintertux

Hiking tips for mountain lovers

During the hiking season, mountain enthusiasts in the Tuxertal enjoy countless possibilities. With 350 km of well-signposted and marked hiking trails and 150 km of marked Nordic walking routes, there is a lot to discover in the Tuxertal / Zillertal Alps Nature Park hiking region.

Of course, we won't leave you alone when it comes to choosing the hiking trails and mountain tours that are right for you. As a family that knows the mountains and as a member of the small, exquisite group of WanderHotels*Tirol, we are happy to advise you personally and also accompany you on guided mountain hikes.

To ensure that you are always safe on the mountain, we have also compiled some practical tips for you here:

  • Always give yourself the time you need. After all, the hike should have a positive effect on your mind and body. So if you are not used to the exertions of the mountain, set realistic goals for yourself. We will gladly help you in advance with the exact tour planning and inform you about the length, height difference, difficulty and the current conditions. In hot, sultry summer weather, for example, a shady, cool tour destination is recommended. In addition, the descent is also never to be sneezed at. The way down is more demanding on the motor skills. Here surefootedness and concentration are even more important.
  • Allow yourself regular and timely breaks for relaxation and simply enjoy the landscape and the sociability in the group. In the hiking area around our hiking hotel Neuhintertux you will find eight Alpine Association huts as well as several private huts for a comfortable stopover or for overnight stays on multi-day tours in the mountains.
  • Plan your excursion so that you can turn back at the right time, e.g. before a sudden change in the weather, if the chosen route is too difficult after all, if the wrong direction has been chosen or so that you are back in the valley before nightfall, if no overnight stay in a hut is planned.
  • Avoid shortcuts or routes through pathless terrain. In case of steep old snow fields you should also better turn back.
  • Choose suitable equipment and clothing. Good shoes with a non-slip tread sole are simply a must when hiking, as they protect and relieve the foot and improve surefootedness. Provisions, rain, cold and sun protection should always be in your rucksack, as should a first aid kit and a well-charged cell phone. We also recommend light and breathable clothing and reserve underwear. Nevertheless, it is easier to carry light luggage, so do not weigh down your rucksack with unnecessary ballast. Your equipment should always be adapted to the adventure.
  • Make sure you eat and drink regularly to maintain your performance and concentration. Isotonic drinks are ideal thirst quenchers. Muesli bars, dried fruit and cookies are ideal snacks for on the road.
  • In an emergency situation you can rely on the professionals of the Mountain Rescue Tyrol. You can reach the mountain rescue service 365 days a year, 24 hours a day by calling the alpine emergency number 140, or you can download the free emergency app of the Mountain Rescue Tyrol on your smartphone. At the push of a button the app transmits your location (via GPS coordinates) to the Tyrol control center and establishes a telephone connection. Immediately, the required rescue services are alerted and dispatched.

You can find more information about our offer as a hiking hotel and hiking suggestions here.

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