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How our little ones learn to ski

Kategorie: Sport & active

by Hotel Neuhintertux

How our little ones learn to ski

The whole world knows that the skier from the Zillertal are among the best skiers in the world. Grown up in the most beautiful Tyrolean Alps – in the fantastic Zillertal – we are almost born on skis. Just think of the legendary Leonhard Stock or currently the successful Stephanie Brunner, who honor the Zillertal with their achievements.

But where does the success of skiers from the Zillertal come from? Well, already at the age of 2 to 3 years our little ones learn to ski – almost before they learn to walk. We in Neuhintertux, right in the middle of the action, can tell you a little story about it.

The little ones – barely big enough to walk themselves – are accompanied to the mountain top in a festive ceremony with the whole family. In order to increase their motivation, the little boys and girls have not had breakfast or lunch at this moment. So they are hungry.

At the same time, when the father and mother are up on the mountain with them, the grandmother is preparing delicious „Zillertaler Krapfen“ down in the valley, which smell so insanely good, that they are already being noticed with great interest by the little one´s noses up on the mountain.

The young boys and girls, now motivated by the delicious smell of the „Zillertaler Krapfen“ – by the way a national dish from the Zillertal – are fighting their way down the mountain in cheerful spirits on their skis. After all, what could be more motivating than fresh, homemade „Zillertaler Krapfen“!

And so the little ones have almost no choice but to learn to ski with a lot of fun and joy, in order to perhaps later land on the winners' podium at the Olympics themselves, or simply to pass on their experience or expertise to the next generation (just have a look at the numerous ski schools in the Zillertal!) ;)

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