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Family portrait in a traditional costume
The family Tipotsch welcomes you to the Hotel Neuhintertux
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Family portrait in a traditional costume
The family Tipotsch welcomes you to the Hotel Neuhintertux
  • Nicer room
  • Larger room selection
  • Individually tailored to you
  • Even more "direct booking advantages".

The Neuhintertux hiking hotel: your hiking specialists

Hotel Neuhintertux is a member of the small, exquisite offer group of the WanderHotels*Tirol. Hiking expertise, a love of nature and genuine hospitality are conditions for this membership. On your hiking holiday in the Zillertal, you benefit from the comprehensive service of your mountain expert hosts.

Our hiking service:

Two people taking a selfie in the mountains
Hiking in Zillertal Austria.
  • At least three guided hikes with a certified mountain hiking guide per week, regardless of the number of participants
  • Personal hiking advice, numerous tour suggestions with description
  • Free hire of hiking equipment: rucksacks and hiking sticks
  • Free bus service for guided hikes
  • Hiking map and hiking reading material hire at the hotel
  • Special wellness services: Massages and vital packages are already included in many hiking packages. Additionally, you can enjoy our diverse wellness area with its swimming pool, jacuzzi, saunas and infrared cabin.
  • As one of the WanderHotels*Tirol, we are also committed to the particularly loving maintenance of the original Tyrolean cuisine. By using regional ingredients, we strengthen our local farmers, promote the maintenance of the landscape and help to preserve the beautiful holiday region.

Nature Watch: On nature’s trail with the Swarovski binoculars

In the Nature Watch tours with a trained guide, you get to use highly sensitive binoculars from Swarovski Optik, which you can hire from us at any time at the reception. Discover the unique mountain landscape of the Tyrolean Alps and the overwhelming variety of plants and animals. With a bit of luck and a good eye, you will experience the rare mountain Apollo as well as the spectacular “BIG FIVE” of Alpine fauna: the golden eagle, the ibex, the chamois, the bearded vulture and the groundhog.

Trip tip: Swarovski, a company that is at home in Tyrol, generates enthusiasm worldwide with precise binoculars – and with the “Kristallwelten”(Crystal Worlds) exhibition in Wattens, which we warmly recommend as a trip tip.  

Small mountain lake in the Alps
Beautiful places and views in the mountains of Tyrol

Guided glacier hike

Start your guided hike at the Tuxer Fernerhaus and hike along mystical, shining blue crevasses and burbling glacial streams. An experienced glacier guide familiarises you with the origin and effect of the Hintertux Glacier.

  • Glacier hike from July to September from Tuxer Fernerhaus
  • Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri at 11:00 am and 1:00 pm
  • Duration: approx. 1 hour
  • Charge applies
  • Important: Wear good mountain shoes and take sunglasses, a jacket and a cap with you!​
  • Don't forget to bring enough water

Hut trekking: managed alpine huts and refuges

Alpine huts and refuges are recommended for a cosy stop or as overnight accommodation in the case of multi-day tours in the mountains. In the hiking region around your hiking hotel in Hintertux you will find eight Alpine Club refuges as well as several private refuges. An overnight stay at an alpine hut is a very special experience.

We would be happy to inform you personally about the managed alpine pastures and refuges. Just give us a call at +43 5287 8580.

Hiking Hotel in Hintertux: Five Hiking Suggestions to Get to Know the Area

We will not leave you alone when choosing suitable hiking and mountain tours. Since we are a family with a passion for and an in-depth knowledge of hiking, we are more than happy to give you personal advice and assist you on guided mountain tours. Have a look at our five hiking proposals which will allow you to get to know the holiday region around the Hiking Hotel in Hintertux.

Medium Hike from the Grüblspitze to the Torseen

Difficulty: medium | Distance: 12 km | Duration: 5 ½ h

5 ½ hours of hiking indulgence in the front row: divine mountain panorama and mysterious mountain lakes.
Read about the starting point and interesting descriptions now!

Hiking in the first row - beautiful panorama, fragrant herbs, mysterious lakes.

Walking time: 5 ½ hours, Eggalmbahn - Torseen - Lanersbach

Altitude difference: Start at 1,958 m (Eggalmbahn mountain station), end 1,280 m, 542 vertical meters in ascent and 1220 vertical meters in descent. Highest point: 2,500 m (Ramsjoch)

Kilometers: 12 km

Difficulty: No special difficulties

Tip: A detour to the listed farms of Gemais!

Directions: It goes comfortably from Tux-Lanersbach with the Eggalmbahn on 1.958 meters. From there, a well-marked path initially leads in hairpin bends to the hatchet (2,135 m) and continues slightly uphill to the summit cross of the Grüblspitze (2,395 m). A feast for all the senses: Panorama with a glacier view, fragrant herb meadows and chirping crickets set the tone. To get to the highest point of this hike is to overcome another 182 vertical meters. On a narrow ridge, it goes first a short distance down and then a bit steeper up in several turns on Ramsjoch (2,500 m). A new view opens up - Torjoch and Torwand are bombastic over the mysterious lakes and from far away the glacier blinks. Say goodbye and immerse yourself in a new, lovely landscape. At the Torsee (2,320 m) you will find your way from the Wattener Lizum, which continues on the Nasse Tuxalm (1,843 m) to the Ramsangeralm (1,685 m) and over the Pfisterwaldweg to Lanersbach.

Easy hike from the Kaserscharte to the Frauenwand

Difficulty: easy | Distance: 10 km | Duration: 5 h

With the gondola from Hintertux to the glacier – 5 hours of hiking pleasure with the best views between the glacier and the majestic three-thousanders.
Learn more about the directions and interesting details!

A pleasure tour between glacial ice and lush three-thousanders

Walking time: 5 hours, Sommerbergalm – Frauenwand – Hintertux

Altitude difference: Start 2,042 m (Sommerbergalm), end 1,500 m,
458 vertical metres ascent or 1,000 vertical metres in the descent
Highest Point 2,500 m (Frauenwand)

Kilometers: 10 km

Difficulty: No special difficulties

Tip: Do not forget your camera and binoculars!

Directions: First take the gondola from Hintertux (1,500 m) up to the Sommerbergalm (2,042 m). From there you hike a bit on the Spannagelweg, under the Ramsmooslift to the intersection (½ hrs.) and continue on a narrow path up to the Kasererscharte. Alpine roses and wild gentian give a lovely contrast to the mighty glacier and the famous peaks and steep walls. Lärmstrange (2,686 m), Olperer (3,476 m), peaks of the Gefrorene Wand (3,288 m) and the Hohe Riffler (3,231 m) vie for the observer's favor. After about two hours of ascent the scenery changes on the Kasererscharte. The view extends in good visibility to the Ötztaler and Stubai Alps. Deep down is the municipality Schmirn. On the back, to the Tuxer Joch, opens a lovely alpine landscape and it takes just half an hour to the Tuxer-Joch-Haus (2,310 m), where you find an amazing viewpoint. Then descend comfortably through the Weitental past the Schleierwasserfall to Hintertux.

Easy hike to the Spannagelhaus

Difficulty: easy | Distance: 8.2 km | Duration: 3 ½

3 ½ hours of hiking at the Hintertux Glacier with special highlights, i.e. Schraubenwasserfall (waterfall) and Fernerhaus with a view onto the “eternal ice”.
Get a detailed online description of the hiking trail!

The hiking tip on the Hintertux Glacier

Walking time: 3 ½ hours, Hintertux – Sommerberg – Fernerhaus

Altitude difference: Start 1,500 m (Hintertux), end 1,620 m (Schraubenwasserfall). Highest point 2,600 m (Fernerhaus)

Kilometers: 8.2 km

Difficulty: No special difficulties

Tip: Visit the natural monument Spannagel Cave

Directions: The starting point for the hike to the Spannagelhaus is the valley station of the Hintertuxer Gletscherbahn. From there you go left through the fence, then right over the wide path no. 16 over the stream and right in several hairpin bends to the so-called Hagl, continue along the edge of the Bachklamm to the beautiful valley Waldeben. From there you have a wonderful view to the glaciers and waterfalls. From Waldeben, it goes on to the Sommerbergalm, from where you continue with the gondola to the Fernerhaus. From the Fernerhaus, it follows a slight 15-minute descent to the Spannagelhaus. The way no. 526 will lead you back to Hintertux, from where you have a beautiful panorama of several waterfalls and the charming alpine flora of the Tux Alps. The goal is the Schraubenwasserfall (waterfall) directly behind the valley station of the Hintertuxer Gletscherbahn. Likewise, you could do the tour in reverse order.

Easy hike to Junssee

Difficulty: easy | Distance: 12.1 km from Stoankasern | Duration: 5 h

A leisurely walk from Stoankasern (hiking taxi!) to Junssee, a beautiful lake which is sometimes frozen even in the summer.
Read about how to get there and detailed directions now!

Easy start for hikers

Walking time: 5 hours, Stoankasern – Hintertux. About 2 ½ hours, Stoankasern – Junssee

Altitude difference: Start 1,979 m (Stoankasern), end 1,500 m (Hintertux)

Kilometers: 12.1 km from Stoankasern

Difficulty: No special difficulties

Tip: Visit the mountain cheese factory Stoankasern

Directions: Start of the route is the cozy driveway with the hiking taxi to Stoankasern (1,979 m), which always runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 9:15 clock. From Stoankasern it goes along the Junsbach on the way no. 35 direction Junssee. The Junssee is a very idyllic lake in a high alpine environment (highest lake in the Tux Alps), which often remains frozen all summer long. From the Junssee, continue on path no. 35 back to the junction towards Hintertux. It follows a slight ascent via the trail 323 on the Gamskarscharte (2,577 m). It begins a comfortable descent. Then it goes on pretty steep serpentine down to the Weitental, then comfortably past the Schleierwasserfall to Hintertux.

Difficult hike to the Olperer Hut

Difficulty: difficult | Distance: 9.3 km | Duration: 4 ½ h

Demanding hike that requires good physical condition, surefootedness and alpine experience, but rewards with a fantastic view of the Schlegeis reservoir (high mountain reservoir).
Read about how to get there and detailed directions now!

A dream tour to one of the most beautiful huts in the Zillertal.

Walking time: 4 ½ hours, Schlegeisspeicher - Olpererhütte bench - Olpererhütte - Madonna statue - Schlegeisspeicher

Altitude difference: Start 1,780 m (Schlegeisspeicher ), End 2,388 m (Olpererhütte).
Highest point 2,400 m (Madonna statue)

Kilometres: 9,3 km

Difficulty: Good basic fitness, good surefootedness, sturdy shoes and alpine experience required.

Tip: Take the time to enjoy the panoramic view at the Olpererhütte bench.

Route: The starting point for the hike to the Olpererhütte is the car park at the Schlegeisspeicher. From there, the trail heads into the valley for a few metres before turning right into the sparse forest at the signposted mountain trail. The trail continues through the sparse forest, then over serpentines through mountain pine terrain past several small inlets of the Schlegeisspeicher to the Olpererhütte bench. Be sure to plan some time here to enjoy the view. In the open area, the trail turns north, which you follow across the Riepenbach stream before climbing the moderately steep grassy slopes on the left. At the top, the trail leads over laid-out rock slabs in switchbacks up to the Olpererhütte. The way back leads from the Olperer hut a few metres up the mountain to the Madonna statue before descending over many stone steps down the mountain into a kahr. From there you cross a small stream to a mountain pine slope and then to the starting point, the car park at Schlegeisspeicher. Alternatively, the way back can also follow the route of the way there.

Medium hike from Schlegeisspeicher across the border to South Tyrol and back to Schlegeisspeicher.

Difficulty: medium | Distance: 13.4 km from Schlegeisspeicher | Duration: 4 ¼ h

Moderately difficult hike from Schlegeisspeicher (accessible by public transport or hiking taxi) over the Pfitscher Joch to the Italian border.
Read about how to get there and detailed directions now!

An alpine tour that leads to the border with neighbouring South Tyrol

Walking time: 4 ¼ hrs., Schlegeisspeicher – Lavitzalm – Pfitscher Joch - South Tyrol border - Pfitscherjoch-Haus - Schlegeisspeicher

Altitude difference: Start 1.780 m (Schlegeisspeicher ), End 1.780 m (Schlegeisspeicher)
Highest point 2.276 m (Pfitscherjoch-Haus)

Kilometres: 13,4 km

Difficulty: Good basic fitness and surefootedness required.

Tip: A short distance behind the Pfitscherjoch-Haus, a breathtaking view of the South Tyrolean Pfitschertal valley awaits you. .

Route: The starting point for the hike to the South Tyrolean border is the car park at Schlegeisspeicher. From here, the trail leads south along trail no. 524 to the car park at Zamsgatterl, then along the Zamser Bach stream over a bridge into the Zamser Grund, where the forest road turns into a flat and rocky hiking trail. Across the Zamser Grund terrain chamber, the trail follows the valley past trees, alpine meadows and mountain streams to the Lavitzalm. From the Lavitzalm, follow the gravel path over the watershed on the main Alpine ridge to the Pfitscher Joch, which lies directly on the South Tyrolean border. The Pfitscherjoch-Haus also awaits you here, nestled between small mountain lakes, green alpine meadows and alpine terrain. The same trail then follows back to the Schlegeisspeicher.

Book your hiking holiday in Zillertal now or send us a no-obligation enquiry. The team of Hotel Neuhintertux is looking forward to your visit in the Tux Alps!

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Family portrait in a traditional costume
The family Tipotsch welcomes you to the Hotel Neuhintertux
  • Nicer room
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  • Individually tailored to you
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Book directly -& benefit!

Family portrait in a traditional costume
The family Tipotsch welcomes you to the Hotel Neuhintertux
  • Nicer room
  • Larger room selection
  • Individually tailored to you
  • Even more "direct booking advantages".
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