Massages for health preservation, prevention and healing

Sitting too long, defective positions and false postures as well as the body’s natural ageing process can hinder mobility and cause pains. With wellness and spa treatments from our qualified and certified personnel, prevent complaints and alleviate already existing complaints effectively and for the long-term.


Soothing massages
Saunas, massages and therapeutic treatments to support your training

Massages help to relax and cleanse the tissue and, in this way, to alleviate pain.

Info & prices

Classic partial massage: 40 min, € 57.00

Sports massage for legs: 40 min, € 57.00

Classic full body massage: 60 min, € 75.00 or 90 min, € 117.00

Wood chipper back - very intensive for deep tensions: 60 min, € 79.00

Aroma oil massage - gentle full body massage with selected oil: 60 min, € 78.00

"Make a wish" - personal massage according to your wishes: 60 min, € 79.00

Foot reflexology - not medical: 50 min, € 65.00

Combination massage - back and foot reflexology: 60 min, € 79.00

Back-neck-head - for tension in the back, shoulder blades with a relaxing head massage: 40 min, € 54.00 or 60 min, € 79.00

Lymphatic drainage for the legs - not medical: 40min, € 54.00

Feather light - back, décolleté and face: 60min, € 79.00

Relax Pur - relaxing full body massage with aroma oil & hot stones: 90min, € 129.00

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone massage is a fascinating combination of massage, energy work & the soothing effect of hot basalt stones.

Info & prices

The 40–50 degree heated basalt stones are placed on the energy centers (chakras). Then the body gets rubbed from head to toe with warm and fragrant oil. Subsequently, using the special lava stones massage techniques applied to the reflex zones. This fragrance heat combination provides comfortable deep relaxation.

Full body HOT STONE massage: 90 min, € 124.00

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